Fibromyalgia, My Personal Story — Amanda Roberts

I don’t know exactly when it began.   I have had so many struggles with pain in my life that it is hard to pinpoint exactly when I contracted Fibromyalgia.  My main difficulties with it happened after a car accident in September of 2008, only 3 months after I had given birth to my son.  I was the only one that had been hurt in the vehicle.  My son was on one side of me and my daughter who was 2 ½ was on my right.  When the car T-boned us I instinctively threw my hands in front of the children, trying to protect them as best I could.  I was slammed up against my daughter’s car seat, impinging my right shoulder.  I couldn’t use my arm for 3 weeks, making holding my son nigh to impossible without help.  Only 3 months after that I had an allergic reaction to a medication and was in the hospital for 10 days, only seeing my children once in that entire visit.  I was weak, already struggling with post partum depression, and now was dealing with the fact that I could not see my children or really be able to hold them when they were there.  It was an extremely hard time for me that met with a lot of tears.

I was released from the hospital with an auto-immune disease that was attacking my body, and a gall bladder removal to heal from.  Immediately I was put on Prednisone which started my downward spiral of constant doctor’s visits and illnesses that would last for weeks at a time with no respite.

In the summer of 2010 I got a headache, which turned into the most monstrous migraine I had ever had at the time.  This migraine lasted for over a month.  I had gone to the doctor, urgent care, and the emergency room to get shots multiple times to quell the pain.  It was all to no avail.  Nothing worked.  I was taken off all medications and told to wait it out.  Alright now wait a second, this was not my first time of the doctors telling me they could not do anything and “it will just work itself out” leaving me to my own devices.  It had happened quite a few times actually.  I was getting very frustrated with that concept.  What were they there for anyway?  So, in my frustration I waited in agony, shying away from the light like a vampire thinking it was going to get fried.  That migraine eventually went away after 2 more months, but the occurrences of migraines increased, getting closer together and less able to be managed.  It got to the point that it was routine for me to be taken to urgent care to get shots that would put me out for 3 days and still bring hardly any relief.

That Fall I had a horribly stressful time that has continued up until this point that I attribute my depression, anxiety, and some of my health problems to.  Everything began to topple around my ears like a row of dominoes that had just been pushed over.  I began getting so dizzy that I would fall down.  I was unable to eat anything but chicken and bread, had fading vision so that I could hardly read a page in a book, could not sleep, my mind seemed a blur to where I would lose track of what I was saying or thinking.  Half the time I felt like I was crazy.  My leg hurts, no my shoulder does, now it’s my hand, wait now everything hurts!  What did I do?  My hands would shake for no apparent reason and hurt while they did cramping up to a clenched semi-open claw form of what previously used to be normal.  My skin felt like it was crawling, but there was no visible change.  I gained an obscene amount of weight with no change in my diet to trigger it.  I felt like I was losing my mind.  None of my doctors had an answer, and believe me, I went to a lot of doctors and specialists including Neurologists and Gastroenterologists.

Not only that, but my mother was going through the same thing at the same time.  She had been fighting it for a lot longer period of time and was finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  How in the world can one thing have so many different symptoms?  It seemed crazy but it did.  She went to pain specialists and had multiple pain management techniques tried upon her.  Nothing really seemed to work.  The Lydocaine patches that she and I were both prescribed helped a little, but we kept trying to pile them on higher and deeper.  It only helped a little bit.

I mentioned to my doctors that my mother had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia.  “Nope,” they’d say, “Fibromyalgia is not a genetic disease.”  In fact, if I mentioned fibro to some people they would begin dismissing me completely thinking that I just wanted a pain drug prescription.  NO!  I do NOT want another prescription!  I was already on 11 medications!  That wasn’t even including all the vitamins I had to take.  I had one for chronic heartburn, two for asthma, two for diabetes, two for blood pressure, one for water retention, two for depression, and one for anxiety.  This was too much.  People weren’t believing me because I wanted answers and this specific diagnosis matched it.  I wanted someone to tell me that I wasn’t crazy.  I needed help fixing all of these issues that just seemed to be getting worse.  I began to feel utterly insane and useless.

Finally, one of my doctors saw the light and diagnosed me.  I was right, as were my family and my friends.  It was Fibromyalgia.  It didn’t fix anything.  I was still having all the issues, but I had my answer.  Now, I could try to heal.  Still nothing worked and I kept getting worse to where I was using a cane almost all the time and actually had to lift my leg into the car because I couldn’t move it off the ground.  Getting up in the morning was a bear and took me an hour of being awake and stretching to be able to move out of bed.

At last came DoTerra© Essential Oils in the Fall of 2012.  My brother, Nate Roberts, told me to try the PastTense and Frankincense for my migraines.  It was gone in mere minutes, and I haven’t been to the doctor for one since.  As a matter of fact, I haven’t had a migraine since and am only met with an occasional headache once or twice a month.

Now, I have been managing my own health care, trying out which oils work best for me in my times of struggle.  Other than the Past Tense, Frankincense, and Deep Blue I did not use much of anything else until the Spring.  I was going to college and was afraid that I might meet up with side effects.  There were also other major medical issues with stomach pain that I was having which I was going through testing for.  When I received a diagnosis of “I don’t know” I panicked, not knowing what in the world I was going to do.  My brother suggested the Candida Cleanse which I read up on.  At first I didn’t try it, but the thought of it kept nagging at me, so I ordered the pills.  I expected it to not work since nothing else ever did.  Then it worked!  In less than two days I had no stomach pain.  I was feeling better, had more energy, was able to sleep better, and had less pain all over my body.  That was surprising, and more amazing than I ever could have expected.   I couldn’t be more thankful for that decision.

Then, I began using my oils more and more, finding exceptional relief in everything I tried.  Every time that I try something else I am happily surprised with how quickly they work.  Now, I have very few struggles with pain, I am sleeping better and feeling more rested, I can jump out of bed as soon as I wake up, I am not as fatigued, my vision came back, the dizziness is few and far between, I am thinking more clearly and having less episodes of the fibro fog, my depression and anxiety is controllable without prescription medication, my headaches are few and far between, I don’t feel like I have a cold all the time anymore, my nausea is gone, and I feel NORMAL.  I am now down to four medications, completely off of my anxiety and depressive medications and am down to one of each of the rest.  These oils have been nothing but an amazing miracle to me.  I am a completely different person.  I am happy, and feel young again.  I can only hope to help others the way that my brother helped me.

What oils worked for me?

  • Candida Cleanse:  The Candida Cleanse I did was 10 days of GX Assist, then 10 days of PB Assist, and 10 days of nothing, repeated as a whole 3 times
  • Deep Blue:  Rubbing the oil directly on the skin where the pain is in my muscles or joints, including nerve pain, helped tremendously.  Also, for when menstrual cramps seem out of control, rub this over the lower abdomen.
  • Past Tense:  For Migraines rub on the forehead, temples, and back of the neck.
  • Lavender:  For calming, anxiety, and aid in sleeping, rub on the bottoms of the feet and the spine.  Also works great diffused, or on the sides of the neck to aid in stiff muscles.
  • Frankincense:  For if you have the Migraine that just won’t quit, rub 1 drop on the roof of the mouth and on the back of your neck just at the hairline.
  • Serenity and Marjoram:  Rub on the legs for Leg Cramps/restless leg
  • Peppermint:  For the bottoms of your feet when they get really dry.  Also for energizing yourself.  Put on the palm of your hand and cup it over your mouth breathing in.  It opens your airways helping you breathe as well as waking you up.
  • Lifelong Vitality Pack and DDR:  I have heard this helps with leveling out your system and making the overall pain decrease, but I have not tried it quite yet.  I’m going to start this next week.
  • In Tune:  For when my mind seems foggy I rub this on my neck.
  • Serenity and Balance:  On the bottoms of the feet  and back of the neck for calming and depression.
  • Black Pepper:  I have heard of this for fibro pain but I haven’t tried it yet.  I’m going to try it soon though.
  • Vetiver:  exhaustion, depression, insomnia, and muscular aches.  I just was told about this and have it on my next order.


What is Fibromyalgia?

  •  Fibromyalgia is characterized by Chronic widespread pain that affects the right and left sides of the body above and below the waist that lasts 3 months or longer.
  •  Pain in at least 11 of 18 possible tender points when light pressure is applied
  •  Possible Triggers:  A physically traumatic or stressful event, An emotionally stressful event, An infection
  •  the majority of fibromyalgia patients are women
  • Symptoms:  Widespread Pain, Morning Stiffness, Fatigue, Vision Problems, Nausea, Sleep Disorders, Urinary and Pelvic Problems, Dizziness, Chronic Headaches, Cold Symptoms, Temperomandibular Joint Dysfunction Syndrome(pain and dysfunction of the muscles that move the jaw), Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndromes, “Fibrofog”: Cognitive or Memory Impairment, Skin Complaints, Chest Symptoms, Anxiety, Depression, Dysmenorrhea(pain during menstruation interfering with daily activities), Myofascial Pain Syndrome(pain in the 18 trigger points), Muscle Twitches and Weakness, Weight Gain, and Troubles Breathing


(technical information gathered on Fibromyalgia from personal doctor’s visits, WebMD, , and Wikipedia)